English, Creative Writing, and Film Studies

Division of Humanities

The purpose of the major program in English is to produce citizens of sympathetic imagination who are able to draw upon a store of literary knowledge and capable of independent critical thinking and writing. The program offers a major and minor in English and minors in creative writing and film studies.

The program offers courses in British and American literature, creative writing, and film. In addition to introductory courses at the first-year/sophomore level, the program's offerings in literature include courses on such authors as Chaucer, Shakespeare, Melville, Dickinson, Faulkner, and Woolf, and on such topics as Southern literature, poetry by women, Irish literature, early English novels, the Gothic, modern poetry, Shakespeare and film, and U.S. literature of the Great Depression. Creative writing courses include introductions to the writing of poetry and fiction, as well as more advanced classes. Except for junior and senior seminars, all English courses are open to all students without special permission.


John Kinkade (chair), Helen Emmitt, Mark Lucas, Dan Manheim, Azita Osanloo, Stacey Peebles (Director of Film Studies), Mark Rasmussen, Philip White, Lisa Williams (Director of Creative Writing)

Student Representatives

Jessica Haralu, Kersey Reynolds

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