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In the early stages of the twenty-first century it is evident that forces of globalization have ushered in an era of rapid change in the international system. The economic, political, cultural, and social spheres of global life are becoming reconfigured in order to adapt to and reconcile these forces. The study of the international, then, is about comprehending how actors and institutions at the global and local level come to terms with forces of change. The interdisciplinary major in International Studies is designed to offer students the opportunity to learn about these changes by developing a common body of knowledge in a set of core courses, and then encouraging their explorations through one of several paths in the form of area concentrations. The concentrations include International Relations, which is designed for students seeking a broad understanding of the historical, political and economic processes that influence world affairs; Development Studies, which is a concentration that examines the dilemmas of economic, social and political transformation in the developing world; and Comparative Studies, in which students may focus their learning on a specific region of the world (or combine regions in comparative perspective). In all instances, the program faculty strongly encourage students to study abroad as an essential element of their intellectual experience.

The International Studies Program’s commitment to a liberal arts education provides an excellent foundation for students interested in pursuing careers in business, journalism, politics, or law in the international arena. The major also assists students in meeting the requirements of leading graduate programs in diplomacy, international relations, business, politics, and public policy.

Majors are strongly urged to minor in a language or take two languages through the intermediate level. Students interested in graduate school programs in international relations should take ECO 220.


Dina Badie (chair), Robert Bosco, Jonathon Earle, Lori Hartmann, Petra Hendrickson, Jennapher Lunde Seefeldt, Ravishekhar Radhakrishnan

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Siera Hanks, Leah Kelly

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