FYS 147 Spain in the Globalized World

What is Spain? What are you most likely to see if you visited Spain today? Hundreds of miles of white sand beaches filled with sunbathing brunettes? Bars with mouthwatering tapas and sangría, airing bullfights and soccer on every TV? What about flamenco, Penélope Cruz and Rafa Nadal? We will examine the source of these common stereotypes and build a realistic image of contemporary Spain. We will look at the historical, cultural, economic and social development of 20th and 21st century Spain and its full integration into the Globalized World. Topics will include post-Franco Transition to Democracy, Liberalization (La Movida), Europeanization, the challenge of regional/national identities, and contemporary social issues such as the changing roles of the family, women, religion, sexual attitudes, and immigration. We will engage these themes through the analysis and discussion of a wide variety of materials such as historical texts, socio-economic analyses, literary texts, essays, and films.