FYS 160 Health in Danville, KY

This community-based learning course investigates the health needs of Danville residents through the methods of Health and Social Justice Studies. We will read the 2017 Community Health Needs Assessment Report first, to determine county/local health problems from a statistical perspective. We will also learn from guest speakers such as Boyle County Public Health officials, cancer researchers at UK, Ephraim McDowell administrators, and other local experts on regional health. Readings will provide frameworks for understanding the relationship between social, economic, and political inequality and health disparities in regional (Kentucky, Appalachia) and national contexts. For the main project, students work with Danville residents to gather information on health and healthcare needs. Combining all of these perspectives, students will work in a team of 3 to design a sustainable resource that expands choices for community health needs, and at the end of the course, they will present each team’s resource to the community for feedback.