Centre People

Students. Centre students are talented, energetic, and diverse, with far-ranging interests—from thermodynamics to dance, philosophy to computers. They come from throughout the United States and several foreign countries. And they like to win, from national academic awards (such as the Fulbright, Rhodes, and Rotary) to Division III athletics.

Faculty. In addition to their top-notch credentials, Centre’s faculty members are dedicated teachers who are active in research. At Centre, there are no graduate student teaching assistants; classes are taught by members of the regular faculty.

Graduates. Centre graduates are extremely successful in gaining admission to graduate school, and about one-third go on to earn advanced degrees. (Medicine, law, and business are popular.) Our alumni have risen to positions of leadership in virtually every field, and they're willing and eager to share their experience and knowledge with current students. Alumni frequently come back to campus to participate in “career conversations,” and “career days,” and they also sponsor internships and other work-related experiences designed to help students identify and reach their goals.