Linguistics Minor

Requirements for the Minor

A capstone experience

A project consisting of one of the following, subject to approval by the linguistics minor committee: an academic internship, an independent study, or a linguistics focus in the junior or senior project of the major, with a product presented at the annual RICE symposium or other venue for student presentations. This capstone need not be a separate course. It may be fulfilled by courses in the student’s major provided the course is not used to fulfill the five-course requirement above.

Required Courses

LIN 210Introduction to Linguistics


Three additional courses selected from the list below


Study of one foreign language at least through the 220-level

Study of a second foreign language at least through the 120-level

If the first foreign language is French or Spanish, it is recommended but not required that the second foreign language should be an ancient or non-Romance language, such as Chinese, German, Greek, Japanese, or Latin. Native fluency in a language other than English may satisfy the requirement of a second foreign language studied through the 120-level.


  1. Upon program committee approval, additional courses may be added to the list of courses fulfilling minor requirements.
  2. Some of the courses listed below have prerequisites, and several courses are not offered regularly or are offered only once every two or three years. Students interested in the minor are encouraged to consult with a program committee member early on to plan their preparation for the minor and to discuss course offering schedules.

Other Courses Fulfilling Minor Requirements

CSC 117Introduction to Computer Science


CSC 341Principles of Programming Languages


ENG 215History of the English Language


ENG 313

FRE 306French Phonetics


LIN 211/CLA 347Indo-European Linguistics and Poetic Traditions


PHI 130Practical Logic


PHI 230Symbolic Logic


PHI 37020th-Century Analytic Philosophy


POL 337Political Communication


PSY 300Cognition


SPA 255Hispanic Linguistics


SPA 290History of the Spanish Language