Study Abroad

We consider living and studying in a foreign culture to be an integral part of a liberal arts education, and study abroad has become one of the hallmarks of a Centre education. In the past few years, about 86% of Centre graduates have studied abroad at least once during their college careers, making Centre one of the top colleges in the nation where international study is so pervasive and important.

Residential Programs

Centre offers a number of different opportunities for off-campus study. Centre-in-London, Centre-in-Strasbourg, and Centre-in-the-Yucatan are residential programs in the U.K., France, and Mexico led by Centre faculty members. Centre-in-England (at the University of Reading), Centre-in-Glasgow (at the University of Glasgow) and Centre-in-China (in Shanghai) are Centre's residential programs in the U.K. and China. Three exchange programs bring foreign students to our campus as well as allowing Centre students to study for a semester at Yamaguchi Prefectural University in Japan; at one of five universities in Northern Ireland; or at Marista University in Merida, Mexico. In addition to the program at Marista University, intensive language immersion programs are offered through Centre’s special partnership with the Kentucky Institute for International Studies in Segovia, Spain, or Regensburg, Germany. Many students find their sophomore or junior year is the best time to participate in a residential program. However, rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors all are eligible to apply. Because these are not primarily language programs, students do not need to have studied French, Spanish, Chinese, or Japanese to study in France, Mexico, China, or Japan. The cost is the same as the cost of studying on the Danville campus, except for a $375 deposit/surcharge and airfare. Special endowed funds are available on a competitive basis to help students with financial need cover these costs.

CentreTerm and Summer Programs

In addition to these semester programs, during each CentreTerm Centre faculty members lead groups of students to study in their areas of expertise around the world. Upcoming sites include Belize, Cuba, France and Germany, Ghana, Italy, Japan, Spain, Thailand and Singapore, and Uganda. Students with intermediate Spanish skills can elect to do a CentreTerm internship through our Merida program in Mexico. In addition to a few courses offered by Centre faculty, each summer the Kentucky Institute for International Studies sponsors more than 20 academic programs that are popular among our students.

Non-Centre-Run Programs Abroad

Students take a temporary leave of absence from Centre to study in semester-long programs sponsored by outside providers. Financial considerations prevent some students from taking this option, since students who are on leaves of absence are not eligible to receive any Centre money and, by law, our financial aid office is not allowed to process state or federal aid due the student. Students planning to participate in a non-Centre program should get prior approval from the Center for Global Citizenship and the Registrar to make certain that all courses will count toward a Centre degree.