Parking Regulations

Vehicle Registration

All motorized vehicles must be registered when they are brought to campus. Students must register their vehicle online through the Department of Public Safety web page. Owners will be issued a decal indicating the lot(s) in which they are authorized to park. An annual $70 registration fee will be assessed to the student’s bill. Temporary decals may be purchased at the Department of Public Safety for $2 per week. For those students who do not live in Centre College residences, a commuter decal must be purchased for $20. Visitor permits are free of charge and may be obtained at the Public Safety Office by calling ext. 4357. Parking on the streets surrounding the campus does not exempt students or faculty/staff from registration and the acquisition of a decal.

Parking Decal Placement

The static cling decal should be placed on the inside of the driver’s side rear window. If the windows of the vehicle are heavily tinted, the decal should be placed on the inside of the driver’s side front window.

Designated Parking Areas for Students

Students with a current decal are authorized to park in the following areas: the lot at the corner of Grant and College streets; the lot to the east and north of the Hillside units; the lots adjacent to Acheson-Caldwell, Cheek-Evans, Yerkes, and Pearl Hall; the lot behind the Sorority houses excluding the area designated for faculty/staff; the lot behind Brockman Residential Commons; the designated lots on Beatty Ave; the designated areas of the lot next to the Post Office; the lot under the viaduct; the lot behind Stuart Hall; the lot behind Ruby Cheek House; the lot at the corner of Fifth and Main Streets; the designated areas of the lot to the west of Harding Street (near Facilities Management). Students may not park in the lot adjacent to 136 North Fifth Street.

The only legal parking spaces on campus are those marked with lines. Students are allowed to park in Faculty/Staff lots after 5pm until 7am during the week and during the weekend until 7am on Monday morning. This policy is in effect during breaks, as well. Students are prohibited from parking in visitor lots at any time.  Students may not park on College Street from Walnut to Russell Street or on Fifth Street from Main to Walnut Streets.

St. Mildred’s Court

Students who live in College residences on St. Mildred’s Court (Rodes, Fox Hall) are required to sign an agreement to park in the lot behind the Academic Dean’s home which is across from Fox Hall as outlined in the agreement. Only residents of St. Mildred’s Court may park in this area.


Faculty/Staff must register their vehicle online through the Department of Public Safety web page. There is no charge for Faculty/Staff decals. Faculty/Staff with a current decal are authorized to park in the following areas: the lots behind the Horky House and the Alumni House; designated sections of the Bingham Lot; designated short-term spaces in the McReynolds lot, the lots behind and adjacent to the Breeze House; the lot beside Boles Natatorium; the lot behind the Norton Center/Grant Hall; and the lot to the south of LaMotte/Tyler.

Parking Appeals Process

In order to more consistently and efficiently address parking citations, the Department of Public Safety has established an appeals process. Appeals must be filed within seven working days from the date of issuance on the citation. Appeal forms can be found on Centrenet under the Campus Life tab then Student life then Student Life Forms. Persons filing appeals will be notified by e-mail regarding the outcome.

Appeals based on the following will not be recognized as a valid reason for appeal:

  1. Ignorance of the regulations
  2. Late arrival for classes, meetings, appointments, etc.
  3. Inability to find a convenient legal parking space
  4. Inclement weather

All decisions are final.

Towing Policy

If any member of the Centre community receives three parking tickets within the academic year, she/he will receive a notice stating that if she/he parks in an unauthorized area again, the vehicle will be towed. Once a vehicle has been towed, the owner will be notified by Public Safety. If the vehicle is once again parked illegally, it will be ticketed and the owner’s parking privileges will be rescinded for the remainder of the academic year.

Parking Fines

No decal displayed, fire lane, restricted area, yellow zone, or on the grass $50; Handicapped Area - $75.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to purchase a decal if I only intend to park on the city streets? Yes. All currently enrolled students who bring a vehicle to campus must register that vehicle.

Can DPS ticket my car on St. Mildred’s Court even though it is a city street? Yes. Students who live in the residences on St. Mildred’s sign a special agreement concerning parking in the area. Those who do not abide by these regulations are subject to citations, even though St. Mildred’s is a city street.

Can I park in visitor spaces after hours and on weekends? No. Only visitors are allowed to park in these spaces.

Where do I tell people visiting me to park? Visitors should obtain a free parking pass from DPS by calling ext. 4357 (HELP). This pass allows them to park in any parking lot on campus.

What should I do if I get a citation? Pay the fine, and don’t park there again. Fines may be paid at the DPS Office located in the Walnut House. Unpaid fines are periodically sent to the Finance Office. If you feel you were ticketed in error, you may file an appeal within seven working days from the date of the citation. Instructions for filing an appeal can be found on Centre Net.