Classification of Students

Students are normally enrolled at the College only as declared candidates for a degree. Class standing is based upon the following progression in course work successfully completed:

First-Year: 0-26 credit hours

Sophomore: 27-53 credit hours

Junior: 54-82 credit hours

Senior: 83 or more credit hours

Part-Time Students

Normally, degree candidates are required to enroll full time. Exceptions must be approved in advance by the Assistant Dean and Director of Student Academic Support and the Dean of Students. Students not yet completing eight long terms of full-time enrollment and not suffering from extraordinary circumstances must enroll full time. Part-time students are responsible for meeting all of the College’s requirements for graduation. Normally, students enrolled on a part-time basis or as special students are not eligible for the Dean’s List during that term nor are they eligible to represent the College in intercollegiate athletic competition. Only those students who have completed eight long terms of full time enrollment at the College may be eligible to represent the College in intercollegiate athletic competition, after consultation with the Director of Athletics, as part-time students in their ninth long term (provided they are registered for all they need to complete their degree requirements). See “Other Financial Information” section under “Comprehensive Fee, Payment Plans, and Refund Policies” for tuition policies for part-time students.

Special Students

A limited number of persons may enroll from term to term as special students. Special students are not candidates for a degree but may receive graded credit for work successfully completed. Should a special student later decide to declare candidacy for a degree, such credits are applied to the degree program only after review and approval of the Academic Standards Committee. Special students usually are permitted to take not more than half a normal load of study. Graduation from an accredited high school, or the equivalent, is normally prerequisite to admission to special-student status.

Visiting Students

Students currently registered at any other educational institution may enroll at Centre only as visiting students. Such registration requires written recommendation by the institution of primary registration. Visiting students are accepted from other colleges and universities for a period of not more than one year and, under special arrangement, on a term-to-term basis from high schools in the vicinity of the College seeking to provide advanced college placement opportunities to outstanding students. Visiting students from high schools are permitted to take not more than two courses in any long term and not more than three courses in any academic year. Registration for special students and for visiting students is on a space-available basis. Additional information and application forms for special students and visiting students are available in the Registrar’s Office.