Era of Consolidation and Growth

While the first 10 years of Centre's history was a period of preparation and planning, its second phase, from 1830 to 1857, was an era of consolidation and growth. Dr. John C. Young, Centre's president during the second phase, found "the College without reputation, without endowment, without students…. But, he was young, hopeful, and earnest," according to Dr. Ormond Beatty, who served as Centre president from 1870 to 1888. Dr. Young's qualities and the support of loyal alumni and friends of the College helped Centre advance under his presidency. "Before his death, Dr. Young saw a permanent fund of $100,000 provided for the support of the school," Beatty noted. This occurred along with additions to the curriculum, enlargement of the faculty, and a fivefold increase in the student body. Under Dr. Young's tenure, Centre advanced to a position among the highest-ranking colleges in America.