Academic Probation, Suspension and Bankruptcy

Graduation requires a 2.00 cumulative grade point average. The College reserves the right to suspend at any time a student whose academic standing or progress is regarded as unsatisfactory, including students on academic probation during a CentreTerm who made unsatisfactory progress that term. In such cases fees will not be refunded or remitted, in whole or in part. All suspensions result in a permanent notation on the student’s academic transcript.

A student who is suspended is immediately denied use of any campus services or facilities and may not participate in campus-sponsored activities. Keys belonging to the College, especially to the residence hall room, must be turned in at the Student Life Office, and the student ID card must be turned in at the Registrar’s Office or the Student Life Office and the premises vacated within 48 hours of dismissal. Any exceptions must be authorized by the Dean of Students or Associate Dean. Failure to complete this process will jeopardize readmission to the College and incur a fine of $30 per day.

Students subject to suspension at the end of a term will be notified via email and will be given at least 48 hours to submit a written appeal detailing any extenuating circumstances for consideration by the Academic Standards Committee.

Academic Probation

  1. A student who at the end of any long term has a cumulative grade point average less than those listed below is placed on academic probation.

    1 long term: 1.650 grade average

    2 long terms: 1.750 grade average

    3 long terms: 1.850 grade average

    4 long terms: 1.930 grade average

    5 long terms: 1.970 grade average

    6 or more long terms: 2.00 grade average

  2. A student who at the end of any long term has a term grade point average below a 1.500 is placed on academic probation regardless of the student’s cumulative grade point average. When a student goes on academic probation, he or she will be required to meet with the Assistant Dean for Advising. The Assistant Dean for Advising will determine the needs of the particular student after an interview and testing as needed and will supervise the student’s progress in consultation with the advisor and instructors. The Assistant Dean for Advising will provide the Academic Standards Committee with information about the progress or lack of progress of the students on probation.

Academic Suspension

  1. Students placed on academic probation under No. 1 under “Academic Probation” must raise their cumulative grade point average to the required level within a year (two long terms and one CentreTerm). Students who fail to meet this requirement are subject to suspension. In addition, during the probationary period, students other than first-years must earn term grade averages of at least a 2.000 to avoid academic suspension. First-years are reviewed term by term and may be suspended during the probationary period if they are not making satisfactory progress toward their cumulative grade point average requirement.
  2. Students placed on academic probation under No. 2 under “Academic Probation” remain on probation if they continue to earn term averages below 1.500. They will be suspended if their cumulative grade point average falls below the levels set under “Academic Probation,” No. 1.
  3. Sophomores, juniors, and seniors who earn a term average below 1.000 will be suspended, without benefit of the probationary period. First-years who earn a term average below 1.000 will be subject to suspension.

Academic Bankruptcy

Academic Bankruptcy is a policy which may be used by a student returning to the College after a two-year absence who has earned such poor grades that he or she is unable to meet the grade point requirement for graduation within a reasonable period of time. Conditions and provisions of the Academic Bankruptcy Policy are:

  1. Petitions are accepted only after the student has been absent from the College for at least two years. Students are readmitted with conditional approval for academic bankruptcy. Final approval is granted after the student completes 12 hours of course work with a 2.000 (“C”) or higher average.
  2. Academic bankruptcy may apply to one term only. If the petition is approved, the student forfeits credit for all courses in which he or she was enrolled that term.
  3. Grades for the bankrupted term are not used in computing the grade point average. However, those grades remain on the permanent record and the record will indicate clearly that academic bankruptcy was granted.

Note: Students are cautioned that some colleges and universities will not honor another institution’s bankruptcy policy, including many professional and graduate schools.