Academic Records

Transcript of Record

The official record of the academic accomplishment of each enrolled student is the transcript of record maintained and certified by the Registrar. All courses attempted and the grades awarded, the award of the degree when conferred, and the major program for degree recipients are certified on the transcript. Grade averages include grades in Centre College courses only. Transcripts are furnished upon the written request of the student. Transcripts are released only if a student’s financial account at the College is clear.

Confidentiality of Records

The transcript and other student records are confidential to the College and the student. They will be made available to unauthorized persons only with the consent of the student, under legal compulsion, or in cases where the safety of persons or property is involved. Centre’s complete policies on confidentiality of student records are listed in the Centre Student Handbook.


Academic credit is recorded in credit hours. Credit hours are equivalent to semester hours.