Graduation and Commencement

Conferral of Degrees

The degrees of the College, Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science, are awarded by the trustees upon the specific formal recommendation of individual candidates by both the faculty and the President of the College. The Board of Trustees is the ultimate authority on the conferral of degrees. Degrees are conferred on the Sunday following the last day of final examinations of spring term, and on August 31 for summer graduates. Prerequisite to the faculty recommendation, in addition to satisfactory completion of requirements stipulated in the “Degree Requirements, Course Offerings, and Major/Minor Requirements” sections, is a formal application for the degree filed with the Registrar no later than 90 days before the date of the annual commencement exercises. The conferral of the degree is officially certified by the transcript of record.

Commencement and Presentation of Diplomas

The diploma of the College is a ceremonial certificate attesting to the conferral of a degree. The diploma is presented at the annual commencement exercises to any degree recipient specifically requesting it when applying for the degree and appearing as a participant in the ceremonial exercises. Only students who have completed all degree requirements may participate in commencement. Summer graduates may participate in the following year's commencement. The presentation of a diploma in absentia is made only under exceptional circumstances specifically approved by the Associate Dean of the College, provided the request is made not later than two weeks preceding the annual commencement exercises.