African and African American Studies

Interdisciplinary Program

The interdisciplinary minor is global in scope, providing courses, research opportunities, and study abroad experiences. We explore the histories and experiences of communities of African and African descent throughout the world, including the African continent, Afro-Latin American and Caribbean world, Indian Ocean world, and the United States. Our program draws from expertise in the fields of anthropology, gender studies, history, language and literature, music and the performing arts, international studies, and sociology. In doing so, we address critical questions concerning cultural and intellectual production, gender, race, ethnicity, diversity, empowerment, global justice, and systemic violence.


Katrin Bahr (co-chairs), Kiyona Brewster (co-chairs), Andrea Abrams, Jonathon Earle, Jean Faye, Satty Flaherty-Echeverría, Lori Hartmann, Chantell Limerick, Nathan Link, Tara Strauch, Ian Wilson

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African and African American Studies Courses

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