Anthropology and Sociology

Division of Social Studies

The Anthropology and Sociology Program offers a diversity of courses that provide a unifying framework for understanding the human condition and experience. Certain core questions are at the base of this interdisciplinary program: What makes us human? How are we different from other creatures? What is the range of human diversity and why is it important? How does social structure shape our identities and experiences? Can we make value distinctions between societies, and how can we understand and assess our own? Anthropology and sociology deal with broad philosophical questions as well as with particular cultural details, using a wide range of research methods to bridge the gap between life sciences and humanities.


Kaelyn Wiles (chair), Andrea Abrams, Kiyona Brewster, Robyn Cutright, Endre Nyerges, Jamie Shenton, Jeff Shenton, Beau Weston,

Student Representatives

Aubrey Engeriser, Joseph Falcon, Phoenix Staten

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