Recommended First-Year/Sophomore Preparation

Students contemplating a major in BMB should complete CHE 135 (or 131 and 132), CHE 241, BIO 210 and BMB 210 by the end of their sophomore year. Students with a strong chemistry background should take CHE 135 during the fall and CHE 241 during the spring of their first year. First-year students lacking a strong chemistry background should take CHE 131 and CHE 132 in the fall and spring terms, respectively, followed by CHE 241 during the sophomore year. Most students will complete CHE 242 during their sophomore year as well. BMB 210, which has co-requisites of CHE 241 and BIO 210, should be taken in the sophomore year, either fall or spring.

Other Recommended First-Year/Sophomore Courses

CHE 250Introduction to Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry



MAT 165Modern Calculus-I



PHY 110Introduction to Physics



PHY 210General Physics-I