Data Science Minor

Requirements for the Minor

Required Courses:

MAT 130Introduction to Statistics


CSC 170Programming and Problem Solving


DSC 230Statistical Modeling


DSC 270Data Manipulation


One additional DSC course numbered 300 or higher:


Additional Recommended Courses for Students Interested in Data Science

Students should consider taking additional electives in analysis or visualization from the lists above or classes that build on these such as ECO 392 (Economic Forecasting) or ECO 395 (Empirical Analysis in Economics and Finance). For students wishing to expand their computing capabilities, CSC 270 (Data Structures)*, CSC 362 (Design and Analysis of Algorithms), and CSC 362 (Database Programming and Design) are all relevant to data science. For students wishing to expand their mathematical capabilities, MAT 240 (Linear Algebra)* and MAT 311 (Mathematical Statistics) are relevant to data science.

* Required for data science majors.