English, Creative Writing, and Film Studies

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The mission of the English program is to help its students become conversant with literary traditions in English, as well as to develop their skills in critical analysis and argumentation, in cultural research, and in oral and written expression, so that they may draw on this knowledge and these skills as culturally aware, engaged, and reflective world citizens.

The English program offers courses in literary studies, creative writing, and film studies. In addition to 200-level courses that emphasize breadth in chronology and/or geography by exploring trans-temporal or transnational material organized by genre, nation, identity groups, literary movements, or themes, the major takes students through upper-level courses that include more advanced considerations of historical and social context and engagement with criticism and theory. The capstone sequence is a junior and senior seminar (a 400-level and a 500-level course) in which students study specific topics and produce papers incorporating discipline-appropriate research. Creative writing courses include the fundamentals of writing poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, screenwriting, and other genres, as well as more advanced and topical classes. Film studies courses include introductory-level courses as well as more advanced courses and Film Theory.


Philip White, Stacey Peebles (chair) (Director of Film Studies), Helen Emmitt, Shanita Jackson, John Kinkade, Anwesha Kundu, Mark Lucas, Dan Manheim, Azita Osanloo, Mark Rasmussen, Lisa Williams (Director of Creative Writing)

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