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The History Program offers survey courses in world and U.S. history and a variety of specialized courses in the history of the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia, as well as thematic courses that cross regional boundaries. The program’s fundamental purpose is to encourage an understanding and, through research, an application of historical consciousness—that is, "the coherent organization of experience in historical time"; a just appreciation of the interrelationship of past, present, and future; and the knowledge that social change in this context is inevitable.

The History Program trains students in analytical writing, helps them learn how to organize and utilize various kinds of evidence, and provides perspectives that enable a better understanding of human behavior and cultural difference. These outcomes are reached through dynamic course offerings and primary source research, which students are encouraged to pursue both in and, when opportunities arise, out of class. A major or minor in history can facilitate a rewarding career in almost any field, from medicine to law, from education to business. History majors from Centre have gone on to careers in law, journalism, teaching, government and diplomatic service, library and museum work, banking, and business.


Jonathon Earle (chair), Sara Egge, Steven Beaudoin, Mauricio Castro, John Harney, Danielle La Londe, James Morrison, Tara Strauch, Sami Sweis, Amos Tubb

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Recommended First-Year/Sophomore Preparation

History majors are encouraged to seek assistance from history faculty in determining the best selection of courses for their vocational objectives and to plan their academic programs to include as broad a distribution of courses as is possible.


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