International Studies

Division of Social Studies

International Studies (IST) at Centre College approaches complex global systems, themes, and challenges such as war, climate change, migration, development, and global health, through interdisciplinary and multimodal lenses.  The core courses introduce students to tools of analysis including theories, methods, and concepts, and integrate opportunities to practice application in relation to contemporary global realities.  The core requirements consist of the “Introductory” course and the “Research Methods and Careers” course, plus one region-specific course, two global topical courses, and the Senior Seminar. 

In addition to the core courses, students take 4 other courses that as a whole make up the Student-Directed Specialization (SDS).  Students choose from a broad range of courses for the SDS, in programs such as Environmental Studies, Gender Studies, Social Justice, Anthropology, History, Economics, etc.  Working with their advisors, they take courses that fit their interests and connect under a theme or region. 

The International Studies curriculum serves to embrace complexity and interdisciplinarity, and to challenge oversimplified, ideological, or racist intellectual narratives. This foundation has helped International Studies majors to pursue successful careers in government, international business, international politics, law, journalism, and the nonprofit sector, as well as to prepare students for graduate study in business, diplomacy, international relations, public policy, and journalism.



Lori Hartmann (chair),Chelsea Cutright, Kristen Kolenz, Sami Sweis

Student Representatives

Isha Patel, Olive Wells, Morgan Wilson

International Studies Courses

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