Applied Music Lessons (one or two credit hours)

Study of an instrument, voice, or composition through private instruction. Courses stress basic technical development as well as sensitivity to the appropriate style for literature from various historical periods. One credit hour: Depending on the instructor, lessons at all levels include thirteen thirty-minute lessons or eight forty-five minute lessons plus one thirty-minute lesson. For the beginning level courses, the instructor has the option of substituting two weekly forty-five minute class lessons for the private lesson. A minimum of four hours per week of practice at the 100-and 200-levels and six hours per week of practice at the 300-and 400-levels, and attendance at a number of studio classes and/or performances are required. Students taking applied music must participate in a college-sponsored ensemble or, where appropriate, accompany an applied student or ensemble. The ensemble requirement for composition students will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Two credit hours: Weekly hour-long lessons and more practice expected.

Students who plan to take an applied music course are encouraged to take the course for at least two consecutive long terms. At each level of study two terms are normally completed before advancing to the next level.

Students registering for applied music courses pay a $300 fee per course per credit hour, except for the following groups of students: 1)music scholars and declared music minors pay a $150 fee per course per credit hour; 2) declared music majors pay $100 for one-credit-hour lessons and $130 for two-credit-hour lessons. A student who drops applied music by the official drop date will be refunded the entire fee. Withdrawals after the official drop date receive no refund.

All declared majors and minors will do a jury on their primary instrument in each long term for at least three members of the music faculty. All non-major/minor applied students, or majors/minors on their secondary instrument, must perform at a studio class toward the end of each long term of study. The only exception is for students in their first term at the 100-level. At least one full-time member of the faculty will attend the final studio class.

Any student may choose to register for an applied music course on a Pass/Unsatisfactory basis. However, if this option is chosen, these hours will be counted against the maximum of seven credit hours of graduation credit that a student may elect to take on a Pass/Unsatisfactory basis.

MUS 140-169 First-year Applied Music (one or two hours of credit per term)

MUS 240-269 Second-year Applied Music (one or two hours of credit per term)

MUS 340-369 Third-year Applied Music (one or two hours of credit per term)

MUS 440-469 Fourth-year Applied Music (one or two hours of credit per term)

Private instruction in instruments other than those listed below may be offered depending on student interest and availability of qualified instructors.


Jazz Piano

Harpsichord (permission of instructor; previous keyboard study strongly recommended)

Organ (prerequisite: piano proficiency at the level of J.S. Bach’s Two-Part Inventions)









Guitar (bass, classical or rock)


French Horn


String Bass






Digital Music Tech
African Music

Composition (prerequisite: MUS 110 or permission of the instructor)