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Division of Science and Mathematics

Courses offered under the Natural Science (NSC) heading do not fit into any of the other major programs in the sciences at Centre. Some of these courses may be used to fulfill the general education science requirements for students who do not intend to major in a science.

The course sequence NSC 110 and NSC 120 may be taken to fulfill the two-course general education science requirement and is aimed at students who do not intend to major in a science. NSC 110 and NSC 120 take an integrated approach to the broad themes of cosmological and biological evolution using a generally chronological framework. Either course may be taken first. While the courses are most effective when taken as a two-course sequence, they can be taken independently. So, NSC 110 can be used to satisfy the portion of the science general education requirement for physical science, and NSC 120 can be used to satisfy the life science requirement.

Students considering a major in science are encouraged to choose from our traditional disciplinary courses (BIO 110, BIO 210, CHE 131 or CHE 135, PHY 110, PSY 110) to satisfy their general education requirements.

Other elective courses may be offered in this program from time to time.


Leonard Demoranville (chair), Amanda Falk, Jeff Fieberg, James Kelly, KatieAnn Skogsberg, Karin Young

Natural Science Courses

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