Division of Humanities

The Theatre Program seeks to provide a balanced and comprehensive theatre experience for all students. We offer classes for both majors and non-majors that provide a thorough foundation in theatrical history, theory, and literature as well as training in acting, directing, design, and technical theatre. Thus, students are prepared for graduate education and for employment in and beyond the theatre as teachers, artists, technicians, managers, or, indeed, any number of fields that value high-level communication skills.

In preparation for their graduate school and/or a professional career, majors are required, as part of their senior seminar experience, to reflect upon their time in the Theatre program at Centre College. This reflection involves a capstone project as part of the Senior Seminar class, which asks each student to create a piece of theatrical art, display, or other creative artifact that is presented to the entire Theatre at Centre community, meant to apply and celebrate the skills that they have honed over the last four years.

For the student body at large, the program affords the opportunity to experience, as audience or participants, a wide range of dramatic forms selected both to educate and to entertain.


Jennifer Goff (Chair), Matthew Hallock, Patrick Kagan-Moore, Daniel Tobin


MJ Hall (Costume Shop Manager), Victoria Pook (Performing Arts Coordinator), Graham Posner (Technical Director)

Student Representatives

Hannah Burt, John Bingaman

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