The Director of Student Academic Support coordinates academic advising and works closely with students experiencing significant academic issues. All faculty members (plus selected administrators) serve as academic advisors to students. Students have general advisors—usually matched by interests—during their first and second years at Centre. Students declare a major or majors in the spring of the sophomore year and are assigned an academic advisor in the declared major discipline. The Director of Student Academic Support also coordinates efforts with the Director of the Centre Learning Commons to help students who experience academic difficulty, particularly in the first two years at Centre.

In addition, the Director of Student Academic Support works closely with the Coordinator of the FYC (Finding Your Centre) Program to link multiple academic support systems for first-year students. All first-time, first-year students take the FYC 001: Finding Your Centre course in the fall of the first year. FYC 001 is a one-credit-hour, graded (A-U) course designed to support students as they navigate the transition from high school to college, and help them develop the knowledge and skills that they need to be successful at Centre. Topics covered in FYC include “learning how to learn” on a college-level, understanding one’s role and responsibility as a member of the Centre community, campus resources and policies, and developing a sense of belonging. Each section of FYC 001 is taught by a faculty or staff instructor with support from an upper-class peer mentor. For questions or additional information, contact the Director of First-year Programming and Success, Ansley Bredar.