Dual-Degree Engineering Studies Program

Centre offers a dual-degree engineering program in cooperation with the University of Kentucky and Washington University in St. Louis. This program leads to a bachelor of science degree from Centre and a bachelor of engineering degree from the partner institution. Students typically complete the combined studies in five years—three years at Centre and two years at the engineering school though it is also possible to spend four years at Centre before transferring. The program provides a background in the liberal arts and in engineering, which gives dual degree students communication and critical thinking skills that differentiate them from other engineers. Students complete the requirements for a Centre degree—including a major in biology, chemistry, computer science, environmental studies, mathematics, physics, or chemical physics—and the partner university requirements for an engineering degree to earn the dual undergraduate degrees. Additional information is available from the College’s dual-degree engineering studies advisor and the engineering website: https://www.centre.edu/majors-minors/engineering/.