Law schools are interested in students from every academic major, and a liberal arts education equips every student with the skills and aptitude necessary to succeed in law school. English, politics, history, international studies, and economics and finance are the majors most often selected by Centre students who pursue law, but there is no set pre-law major. Graduates across the many majors at Centre have a solid record of success in gaining admission to law schools and performing very ably once in law school. The broad-based skills that law schools emphasize—effective writing and speaking, analytical ability, and familiarity with the social sciences—are essential goals of Centre’s liberal arts curriculum.

At Centre, faculty pre-law advisors work with students from their first year on to help them explore law as a profession and to assist them in the application process during their junior and senior years. The pre-law advisors host a range of workshops throughout the academic year, with topics that include a broad overview of careers related to the law and LSAT studying strategies and resources. There is also an email list and a LSAT resources page that prelaw students can join. To help students get the most out of their Centre education, the prelaw advisors provide a list of recommended courses that aid in LSAT skill-building and general law school preparedness. Advisors also counsel interested students on related internship and volunteer opportunities that provide insight into the law field and help students identify and demonstrate their interest in pursuing a legal career.

In addition, the Centre for Career and Professional Development hosts several law-related events, including a law school fair and talks with legal professionals. Centre also has the John Marshall Harlan Law Society composed of students interested in law, many of whom go on to legal careers. This organization meets regularly, sponsors field trips to places such as courtrooms and law schools, and brings experts in the legal profession as well as representatives from law schools on campus to speak with students.