ARH 312 Art and Revolutions in Haiti

Despite its small physical size, Haiti has played an outsized role in shaping world politics and socio-cultural issues, specifically regarding three historical periods: the Haitian Revolution and its aftermaths (1791-1860), US imperialism in the western hemisphere (1915-39), and its current age of crises (1982-present). Since it became the first nation in which enslaved peoples successfully rose up and declared their independence, Haiti has been both of a beacon of hope and a warning to those who might transgress dominant power structures. Artists in Haiti and internationally have devoted their creative attention to Haiti’s significance and its impact on the wider world. In this course, co-taught with Grissom Artist-in-Residence Edouard Duval-Carrié, students will have a unique opportunity to look into the creative process of a visual artist whose work responds to and addresses not only Haiti’s histories, but those deep invisible connections that transcend borders and cultures.