FLM 281 Film Analysis and Contemporary French Cinema

The course will offer a comprehensive overview of French cinema from the 90s up to now and the ways in which it reflects and shapes the French perceptions of current social issues (immigration, queerness, history and memory, etc). Student will have the opportunity to develop their visual literacy skills while discovering contemporary French cinema and its relation to France's recent history. The course organization and assignments will reflect this double articulation allowing students to produce rigorous film analyses in relation to the films' contexts of production. Movies will be introduced as complex products shaped by different forces and relations that students will learn to identify and discuss critically. The course will cover the major social and artistic movements (Cinema du Look, Heritage Cinema, New French Extremism, etc.) that contributed to make of French Contemporary Cinema a major innovator and leader, and one of the most recognizable national cinematic tradition.



Cross Listed Courses

FRE 322


None for FLM 281; FRE 271 for FRE 322.