SLJ 210 Introduction to Social Justice

In order to develop an appreciation of the diversity within approaches to social justice, the course will examine social justice concepts and theories from a variety of disciplinary and cultural perspectives. The course will consider the following questions: What is social justice?  Why does social justice matter? How are identities, experiences and systems of inequity intertwined with social justice?  Particular attention will be paid to the intersections of class, race, gender, sexuality, age, ability, and other elements of social location. Students will critically engage a range of texts focused on inequality, justice, community building, activism and policy making. In addition to examining the varied structures understood by diverse groups as oppressive, the course will explore the adaptive capabilities and strengths of marginalized groups within effective social justice work. Finally, students will explore their own personal values, beliefs and behaviors that may limit or enable their ability to effectively apply social justice theory and practice.