SLJ 350 Social Justice Practicum

Students will work with an assigned faculty mentor for a guided study related to their experiential learning project for the Social Justice minor. Research and writing over the course of the practicum semester will produce a paper and a public presentation analyzing the experiential learning project in light of the student’s study of social justice.




The experiential learning project must be approved by the Social Justice Minor Program Committee. Normally, the experiential learning project will be carried out before the term of the practicum, but in approved cases, it may be taken during the same term as the practicum. Experiential learning projects may include such experiences as Shepherd Internships, Bonner community service placements, CBL projects in approved classes, etc. Students must have completed SLJ 210 and at least the Core Course in the Research Methods array of the Social Justice Minor. The practicum is to be taken only in the junior or senior year.


Offered on a pass/unsatisfactory basis only.