SOC 315 Race, Class and Gender

This course examines race, class, and gender through an intersectional and sociological lens. We will begin the class by considering the sociohistorical processes that inform our ideas and assumptions about race. Throughout the rest of the course, we will read theoretical and empirical studies that explicate how race, class, gender, and sexuality are significant in various social contexts: youth and education, work and the economy; family and reproduction; media and consumer culture; and politics and public policy. The format of the class will be part lecture and part discussion. You will be expected to actively participate as you process course content and improve your critical thinking, speaking, and writing skills. The overall objective of the course is to equip you with the analytical tools, vocabulary, and theoretical knowledge base to engage in socially relevant conversations about race, class, and gender in modern society.




ANT 110 or SOC 110 or permission of the instructor.