SOC 326 Black Women and Contemporary Society

The overall goal of this course is to examine the intersectional nature of race, sex, class, and culture from a Black feminist theoretical perspective. To accomplish this goal, we will study the evolution of black feminist thought and its contemporary applications in the areas of family, work, health, social activism, spirituality, sexuality, politics, and pop culture. We will review the works of Black feminist scholars such as Audre Lorde, Patricia Hill Collins, Angela Davis, Bell Hooks, Brittney Cooper, and Barbara Smith, among many others. One main question that we will revisit throughout this course is what might be gained by viewing society from both an intersectional and Black feminist theoretical perspective? By the end of this class, you will be able to identify the core elements of Black feminism and how it relates to those of other important feminist movements. You should also be able to critically evaluate and debate a wide range of important current events from both an intersectional and Black feminist standpoint.